Our dedicated team.

“Superior Pine Products Company is a respected, diversified, industry-leading, land forestry and agricultural company that balances long-term stewardship and long-term growth in the value of our assets with superior current returns for our shareholders.

We are an ethical business partner, a destination employer, and are supportive of our community. 

Going forward, we will continue to manage our real asset base sustainably and with an emphasis on long-term productivity and profitability while also pursuing opportunities to execute value-adding land transactions (purchases and sales) that offer the potential to optimize our shareholders’ investment performance and to further position the company to grow, to remain independent, and to be self-perpetuating. We believe in our people throughout the company to provide expertise and support that focuses on our future.”



Corporate Division

Scott Griffin

“We, as a team, are managing an entire ecosystem, and I have complete confidence in the experience of this team; they take care of this property like it’s their own. This Company and its special lands have been managed by family descendants for nearly a century, and I’m extremely proud to be here and very excited about our future!”

Scott Griffin, President/CEO

Since 2019

“I love the family environment and the overall care for the forest. The Superior Pine Company has owned this land since the 1920’s and love it just as much now as they did then. We constantly adapt to changing markets and strive to make Superior Forests the best they can be for a sustainable resource.”

Corey Davis, VP Forest Operations

Since 2014

“I’ve been in the blueberry industry in some capacity for over 32 years and done about every job there is in blueberries. I’ve been called the “Blueberry Man” and I like that description of myself. I’m proud of the Superior product we produce and it’s my passion to put a “Superior Berry in every mouth in the south…and beyond!” My wife Beverly and I have three children and proudly reside in Homerville, GA.”

Mike Bruorton, VP Agricultural Division & General Manager Superior Berries Company

Since 2007

“I love this company. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. We have built a culture of integrity, honesty and quality.”

Michael Railey, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Since 2009

“Everything that goes on in our forests, I have on my computer. Making maps is what I do. Before that, I served as a county ranger for 15 years, and I love our forests.”

Eric Harris,

Forest Manager, Georgia Division

Since 2008

“We are a group of people who care about each other and strive to manage our forest assets responsibly & sustainably. I’m proud to be part of this team of truly good people!”

Community Service:

President of the Pike Chapter Habitat for Humanity

Randy Leutzinger,

Forest Manager, Alabama Division

Since 2012

“Forestry has been my life. My father is a retired forester, and my grandfather was a forestry technician. I grew up going to the woods early on either hunting or fishing, and I’m excited to be part of a great company.”

French Wynne III,

Forest Manager, Arkansas/Louisiana Division

Since 2022

“I love working for Superior Pine and working with an amazing group of people! I’m thankful every day to have a job I love and to work for an awesome company! Our team is the best!”

Community Service:

Fargo City Council 2016-2018, 2022 to present

Landa Hart, Office Manager

Since 2010

“Superior Pine isn’t just a timber industry company. They are helping make a difference in the community as well and I love that I can be part of that!”

Community Service:

Fargo Library Board 2015-2017

Kelly Griffis, Administrative Assistant

Since 2017

Forestry Division

Superior Pine team

From left to right: Jerry Altman, Tyler Holmes, Hardy “Bryant” Johnson III, David Infinger, Scott Griffin, Corey Davis, William Howling, Eric Harris

David Infinger,

Harvest Logistics Manager

Since 1981

“I’m the old man of the group. I cut fence posts in high school on this land. As a steward of this land, you worry when it’s dry because of fires, and rain brings challenges getting the timber out. If it doesn’t hit the highway, we don’t get paid. It’s what we call life in the flatwoods… never a dull moment.”

Bill Tomlinson, Heavy Equipment Operator/Forest Protection

Since 2021

“I am the new guy here at Superior Pine. I was hired to help maintain the roads and to provide fire protection, if we have a wildfire. The Suwannee Forest here in Fargo is a great place to meet new friends and earn a good living.”

Hardy “Bryant” Johnson III,

Harvest Logistics Supervisor & Fire Boss

Since 2004

“Folks call me Bryant. My family has lived in Fargo, GA for three generations. I love this forest and having a hand in what the forest will be like when I’m gone. It is my desire that my children and grandchildren will be able to carry on the special legacy of this land and Superior Pine.”

Fun Fact About “Bryant”: Won GA State FFA Field Day in 1976

Tyler Holmes, Lease Manager & Utility Forester

Since 2017

“The employees here are great all around people and I believe they are the reason this company is so great! I manage hunting leases for the land and cruise the inventory of our trees. We may be smaller, but we compete on a large scale because of this land and the people who care for it.”

Jerry Altman, Silviculture Manager

Since 2005

“My family has made a living off of Superior Pine’s forests for three generations. The owners of this land have always cared about the land and their employees, therefore making it a sustainable resource for generations.”

Fun Fact of 2019: Jerry’s team planted 4 million baby trees on 7,000 acres of Superior land.

Community Service:

Fargo water Supervisor for 37 years. Retired in 2017

Volunteer Fireman for 10 years and chief for 5 years, retired

William Howling,

Heavy Equipment Operator/Forest Protection

Since 2006

“We maintain over 1,100 miles of dirt road. We keep them in good working order for our loggers as well as our team of fire fighters. We also ensure that water flows properly and that we protect our water quality. This land is important and I take personal pride in my role in keeping this land for future generations.”

Community Service: Fargo City Council in the mid 90’s

Board Of Directors

Chairman: WILLIAM J. LAWRENCE III, Grand Rapids, MI

Board Members: ANN R. COFFIN, Chestnut Hill, MA

LUCY S. RHAME, Alexandria, VA




JOHN W. LAWRENCE, JR., Secretary/Treasurer, Chicago, IL 

E. SCOTT GRIFFIN, President, Superior Pine Products, Fargo, GA